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Are you feeling stuck, stale or stagnated in your career? We can help!

Your success in navigating through your working life can be helped by planning how you'd like your life to go.  It's easy to get stuck on the merry-go-round, so how about taking a step back, overview your situation and start discovering what you'd really love to be doing?

Consider what you enjoy doing in both your personal and working life.  You may love your current job and want to continue developing down this path.  Or you could be stuck, trapped and not sure what your next move should be.

We can help with tools and resources to get you started on the way forward.  We'll look at what's currently working well for you and what's holding you back.  We can develop the long view and keep it real by looking at the short term goals and what steps are needed along the way to achieve your goals.

Tips and Advice

Feeling over committed?

Organise your time on a weekly planner, outlining your family's weekly activities.  You may be surprised at how much space you have left over for 'me' time.


I'm newly single and have been feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of re-organising my life.  Julianne has helped me gain clarity with my finances, time management (children, work and other commitments), and my future direction.  Having the dedicated time with Julianne to work this through has been of huge assistance.  I've been able to make some major decisions and move forward more calmly than I may have otherwise done.
- RG