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Julianne is the owner of Julianne Harvey Coaching, a private life coaching company that provides individuals and groups with the tools and support they need to design the best possible future for themselves.  Julianne received her training at Momentum Life Coaching & Training in Auckland, New Zealand.

Alongside her Life Coaching work, Julianne works in the health care industry as a massage and neuromuscular therapist.  With her background in helping people since 2000 in healthcare, Julianne is well suited for, and passionate about coaching people who want to create real change in their lives. 

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How about being YOU...

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Jules took one look at the room I wanted to work on, and saw through all the crap (so to speak!) and, with her insightful questions I was able to visualise what I wanted for the space, and the whole session took on a life of its own.  The space works for the first time in 9 years! Her questions brought awareness to the space and its true purpose and I love her concept of 'going shopping in my own home' to find furniture to enhance the space.  I can't believe what I accomplished in just one session!
- Lara